How long do eyelash extensions last?

Approximately 4-6 weeks if you respect your new lashes and take care of them. A real lash’s life cycle is around 25-28 days, and as yours grow and fall out, so will the synthetic ones that are attached. Your life style and what work you do will also make a difference on how long they last. A ladies lashes working in the food industry where there is a lot of heat, steam and oil may not last as well as a lady who works in an air conditioned office.

How long does the application take?

The procedure will take approximately 1-2 Hours Dependent upon the service required.

How are the eyelash extensions applied?

A single natural eyelash is isolated. A synthetic lash is then applied to your natural eyelash approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue or the lash has contact with the skin.

Have recently had eyelash extensions applied, a few lashes have fallen out within the first few days why is this?

Lashes have growth cycles and unfortunately it is hard to determine which lash is ready to fall out naturally so it is unpredictable when applying the synthetic lashes. Each day we can loose 3-5 natural lashes, but often they fall out unnoticed unless they fall into your eye, but when eyelash extensions are applied we are more aware of when they shed as we know the extensions are there plus they are longer, darker and thicker. If you sleep on your stomach with your face squashed into the pillow or you favor sleeping on one side you may notice the lashes may not last as well as the other side.

If I have very sensitive eyes can i still have eyelash extensions applied?

Yes as eyelash extensions are applied to the natural lash never touching the skin. However, in extreme cases reactions can occur. If you have concerns please get in contact.

How do I look after my eyelash extensions? 

For the first 12 hours avoid getting the lashes wet to allow the glue to completely dry
Do not use a steam room or sauna for the first 48 hours to allow glue to cure

Be gentle and respect your new lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick and play with your lashes

Resist the temptation to touch or pull at your stunning new lashes as this will pull out your own natural lashes
Avoid getting them caught on clothes and towels
When drying your face do not rub instead blot your face and apply a gently pressure to your closed eyes then allow the extensions to dry naturally. Don’t try to dry them with the towel or hair dryer

Do not perm or curl the extensions using a clamp eyelash curlers

Avoid wearing mascara as this will lessen the life of your extensions
Do not use eye make-up remover that contains any type of oil products such as petroleum
Keep the eye area clean. This is very important. Some ladies love their lashes so much they don’t even want to get them wet at all. Avoiding proper hygiene can result in an eye infection whether wearing eyelash extensions or not
Try and sleep on your back to avoid crushing your extensions in the pillow
The golden rule for wearing eyelash extensions is the less you touch them the longer they will last However, it is important to keep the eye area clean

Can the eyelash extensions be removed?

Yes, at any time for any reason they can be removed however there will be a removal charge. Refer to prices.

I had my lashes applied somewhere else and they are a disaster with excessive amounts of glue clumping my lashes together. Can I have the lashes removed and not get new eyelash extensions?

Always happy to remove lashes that have been applied elsewhere without applying new lashes, however there will be a removal charge. Please refer to Eyelash Pricing.

Have had eyelash extensions applied somewhere else and these are unsatisfactory, can these be fixed at Ashley Allen?

Our technicians prefer not to mix their work with other peoples work so it is advised that you either allow your extensions to naturally come off or contact us to discuss the option of having the extensions removed before your appointment to have a new set applied. If your eyes are red and sore from the incorrectly applied eyelash extensions that were applied elsewhere, we would advise resting your eyes from extensions for approximately 3-4 weeks before having a professional set reapplied.

What should I do before my eyelash extension appointment?

If you have fair eyelashes it is recommended to have them tinted at least 24 hours before your eyelash extension appointment. Preferably arrive with no makeup or at least NO mascara and do not perm or curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment.


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